Semify brought in another law firm client in the past week, which made me realize we have developed a specialty in lawyer website marketing. Perhaps even a core competency. I've written on the importance of lawyer internet marketing before. But today I was reflecting on why we are getting so many law firm clients and came up with the following reasons:

1) We have Fortune 100 backgrounds.

The founders of Semify have worked in and for numerous Fortune 100 clients. As legal firms look for vendors, they want to have firms working for them that understand corporate America and have worked with the best.

Legal affiliate marketing

2) We know the business of the law.

After you work with many clients in the same space, you start to understand their businesses. This is important. The more you can know about the challenges of a specific business, the better you are at serving them. As we've gotten to understang lawyer website marketing, we've become extremely efficient.

3) We know how to make legal websites perform.

While at it's heart, lawyer website marketing is similar to all other SEO and paid search, there are nuances. At Semify, we've learned this space. This means that new legal clients coming in are getting a team that is ready to go.

In summary, Semify is a great fit for any law firm looking to improve their website performance. We can help bring in more potential clients through both SEO and paid search campaigns. Simply contact us to find out more.