Growing up, lawyers did not advertise. I believe there was legislation around this. But those rules have changed and now all law firms have some level of advertising campaign. And as more and more of the advertising spend has moved from traditional ad media to the Internet, the notion of lawyer internet marketing has become a critical piece of any legal marketing strategy. But we have been wondering just how many lawyers have even heard of SEO?

Legal affiliate marketing

At Semify, we have a number of law firm clients. As a result, we have become lawyer internet marketing experts. There are a number of things you need to know about the law firm business to be efficient in setting up a campaign. Additionally, there are certain groupings of legal terms that Google uses. It is also helpful to have specific experience advertising against these phrases.

In short, while the mechanics of an online marketing campaign may seem the same for a law firm as they are for any other business, it is very helpful to have specific experience in the legal space when attempting to launch one. We have seen that our knowledge of both the legal business and the way Google categorizes legal keyword phrases has given us an advantage. And our advantage is our clients' advantage as well.

If you are a law firm that needs help with internet marketing, get in touch with us.