We recently completed a sophisticated lawyer website design at Semify and I realized that I should write about it on our blog. While Semify takes clients from all industries, a few areas have emerged in our business as sub-specialties. We now have a number of legal firm clients, and have done a bunch of lawyer website design projects. I believe this means that we are now uniquely qualified in this space.

Legal affiliate marketing

What makes a lawyer website design gig different? Well, many aspects of the project are just like any other website design or SEO project. However, legal teams also have some specific needs above and beyond the average business. For one, clients looking for a lawyer are often in great distress. In some cases there are matters of health on the line. A website needs to reflect the right tone when dealing with this type of visitor.

Other lawyer website design objectives include communicating authority in a specific topic. It is common for a law firm to have a specific focus. In these cases, it is important to highlight the expertise and track record of the firm.

As I mentioned, Semify has now done many client engagements in the legal space. If you are looking for website work or promotion, you should contact us to discuss your needs.