Last week we had a webinar that covered all of the ways you can track website results with Semify. We've had a few requests for the presentation so I uploaded it to slideshare and posted here.

For me the key takeaway is to not get caught up in the technology of tracking but to always ask yourself "what questions will I want to answer at the conclusion of this campaign." This is something I learned working with the great research teams at Intuit and AOL.

Some questions might be:
  • Did my traffic increase during the campaign?
  • Did I get more phone calls or web leads?
  • Did people spend more time on my website after adding video?
  • Did people who watched my video have a higher chance of converting to a lead?

Each scenario is a little different so if you start with the questions, you'll be able to figure out how to hook up the tracking to make it work.

One of the things that makes the Semify software great is that we actually make it easier to get answers to the sample questions above. Whether you have one client or 100's of clients you want to be able to answer questions and measure results quickly. We spend less time aggregating and analyzing data and more time acting on the information.

Feel free to download the presentation and let me know if we are missing something that you track.