We often receive many questions about our private label seo software and our other private label packages. There's a lot of interest in white label seo software but not everyone is quite sure of what it is and how it works. White labeling means that you, the customer, have the ability to remove the provider (in this case, Semify's..) brand from your software and call it your own. With Semify's private label online marketing software, we add a lot more value to your services than just white labeling it...we offer a scalable outsourced solution.

Welcome to our video on what is private label seo software. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me.

Good afternoon, Chad. We've got many questions about our software and other software packages that are available for agencies and SEO firms, as well as web design shops. And there's a keen interest in private label seo software. So let's start by talking about what white label seo software really is and get into some of our features and functions.

Right. well, to start with, what is white labeling in general means that you have the ability to remove, in our case, Semify's brand from your software and put your logo on it. And with online software, you also have the ability to use your own URL.

So there really is no footprint or ability to track things back to Semify. So that's where you start. And then specifically, with our private label SEO software, there's a couple things that we do to bring all of the data to one place that you'll need when running an online marketing campaign. So we pull things in like, for example, we do have a ranking tracker. We can pull in AdWords data. We have the ability to pull in information from Twitter and other APIs that are gathering data-- Google Analytics.

And then we've also built some custom tools, like our own ability to track web-to-lead forms. So you can put a web-to-lead form on a client's website and have that data in your dashboard. And then finally, we've done some integration with the phone companies so that you can also include phone tracking on your customer's website. So the idea is that once all this data is hooked together, we'll be able to bring it into one place and provide more robust information than you would if you had to log into six or seven different systems.

What I think is pretty cool about the folks looking for private label seo software is they might have not thought about some of those other APIs you're talking about, Chad, which really expand you beyond just SEO and into broader marketing data integration. If you've done any work trying to program these APIs, is it's quite labor intensive. The development costs are fairly steep. So there's a barrier to entry to building this type of software.

And the APIs upgrade fairly frequently, so you have to stay on top of them. So when you're working with a white label software solution such as Semify, we're offloading all that labor to make sure those all stay current and are running so that you have a reliable data source that has your logo on it. Absolutely. And then the main thing is that if you start with us using our private label seo software, the great thing about Semify is because we do software and services, that and as you grow and you need a team to be able to help deliver the services themselves, you can actually use our services. And we can do, again, pretty much any part of online marketing, whether that's email, SEO, pay per click, social media, website development. We have it all in the platform, so you can pick and choose as you need it.

So members of our reseller program will often look at that as a cafeteria style and say, no, we're pretty solid on building websites. But we really need some help with pay per click. So they will outsource, again, using our white label seo software, PPC analysts from the Semify pool. Or another firm might say, no, we're great at PPC, but we need someone to build our websites. And they decide to outsource that portion to Semify.

And a third group might say, no, we've got PPC and websites covered, but we'd really like to have some content marketing and link building done. And so the SEO will come over. Again, because the private label seo software is all common and white labeled as yours, that can all be done behind the scenes in the back office. And the client sees a consolidated set of services, which I think is pretty flexible and great for small firms that are trying to grow.