Link Popularity: link popularity refers to the number of links connected to a single website. As a result, it is often used to describe the value of a site, as higher quality websites are believed to gather more links. However, it isn't enough to simply have a lot of editorial links: instead, a valued site has a high number of quality links who have relevant or comparable content.

Many search engines, including Google, use link popularity as part of its algorithm when organizing search rankings. However, unlike other search engines, Google typically shows a smaller sample of known linkage data. This is unusual, especially because Google still counts many of the links that do not show when you conduct a link: search. In order to work with this challenge, some websites have turned to Black Hat SEO tactics, like building link farms. However, because page rank is determined more by high quality link popularity instead of simply link popularity, this can be an ineffectual or even damaging tactic. In the past, entire web servers have reportedly been removed from search engines due to their use of these manipulative methods.