It’s inevitable, social media is evolving. We can say that we will not go on Facebook for 5 hours a day, or not tweet every hour on the hour, but in the year 3000 social media will still be selling our products and services. New tools have been developed and continuously being refined in order to analyze how consumers view your business, products, and services. Companies such as NetBase and Radian6 have highly quantifiable and structured social media analysis tools and dashboards. Tools like these provide companies with information geared towards consumer sentiment, emotions, likes/dislikes, soundbites, sources, competition, and more. Having access to tools like these can ultimately guide companies to better position themselves in the consumer’s eyes, as well as improve their social media presence.

Semify provides our clients with an easy-to-read dashboard and the option to have social media tracking. My experience with social media monitoring has been extremely valuable, especially when it comes to consumers sentiments and emotions to particular brands.

The Semify dashboard along with other dashboards are very effective in guiding a company to address consumer issues, especially the negative ones.

From experience, these insights create great value for the company, especially in evaluating product launches or product line extensions. What the consumer liked or disliked about the product, marketing, and in-store execution can be found through these soundbites that are harvested by these social media listening tools. Sure we hear customer complaints all the time, but being able to track social media mentions makes a company more transparent in terms of responding to complains, concerns, praises, and ideas. So remember, someone is always buzzing about your company, and if they are not...then you’re in trouble.