Many people lump all SEO reseller plans together. They then tend to glance at the price and make quick decisions about which reseller options are expensive and which are cheap. When you outsource SEO, this is not the right move. During the outsourcing process, you want to make solid judgments based on non-emotional calculations of how well your organization will work with the SEO outsourcing team and about the offering itself. But this is not always easy. And it can often be clouded with misinformation.

We have recently put together our SEO reseller comparison chart to help people during the SEO outsourcing process digest what is out there and make appropriate comparisons. We've tried to be fair, as much as that is possible. To prove it, there are several places where we noted things that the SEO reseller competition does that we don't. Of course, we don't think those things are as important. And in many cases, they are down-right window dressing. But nonetheless, we wanted a simple 1-pager that backs up our claim that Semify offers the industry leading SEO reseller program in the industry. While that does not mean the cheapest (by $20 in this case) - it does mean the best.

We are confident that once you digest this data and really look at what is included in our program, you will see that it comes out the clear winner.