Search engine optimization and internet marketing discussion between Matt Cutts Google and PubCon. This interview is not new, but I thought it was still of interest. They cover pay-per-post and pay-to-rank. Matt Cutts discussing buying links. He states that he has no problem with buying links, so long as they don't effect search traffic. This is not entirely surprising coming from Google. His big issue is disclosure and nofollow.

They also discuss the issues with cloaking and using flash on web sites. They warn about cloaking even when you think it's innocent. You need to remove any of these tactics regardless of your intent as the search engines can't necessarily tell your intentions.

All in all, I continue to enjoy listening to Matt Cutts. Google certainly has him out in front for SEO news. If you are trying to learn about the SEO services industry, he is an important source to check out.