Spending on mobile marketing is expected to outstrip spending on TV advertising in only a few years, so it's crucial for companies to get ahead of the curb and start adopting good mobile strategies now.

Mobile marketing allows you to reach customers through their most trusted sidekick: Their smartphone. However, it's also forced online marketing strategies to adjust to customer preferences.

The age-old tactic of shouting about offers and sales in customer inboxes until they purchase something is no longer effective. Content has to be personalized and relevant to the customer or it will be considered a nuisance. And with the many filtering options available to internet users, your customers may not even see it.

One out of 3 US mobile users prefer to receive brand offers via text messages, and this tactic can actually bring customers into the store. But there's a thin line between email marketing and email spam, and the same goes for any message you send a customer on their phone.

To keep your coupon, article or offer from being ignored, identify yourself first. If you offer something your customer is interested in, there's a good chance you won't be filtered into the spam folder or deleted. If you send too many unclear or vague emails, your customer may even opt out of email offers, which could deny you of their business entirely.

Make sure your messages are focused and get the point across quickly. In normal email marketing you've got a little more room, but customers on their smartphones are looking to skim something quick and be done with it. Don't waste time.

The messages should also be personalized. Email customers will leave things sitting in their inbox for days. Mobile customers don't have the screen space. They'll delete your message instantly if it doesn't seem to concern them. Emphasize the exclusivity of the offer for your customer. Make them feel like they've earned it. This will make them more likely to keep the offers coming.

You also need to make sure the offers are worth your customer's time. If it doesn't offer immediate value, it will likely be deleted. Messages that emphasize the benefits of acting now, however, are more likely to bring customers who are already on-the-go into your business. Avoid marketing hype language, slang and abbreviations, however, since most will come off as spam.

Keeping your mobile marketing customers happy and engaged is a great way to increase your ROI.

By: Alanna Smith