Natural Search: Natural search -- otherwise known as organic search or unpaid search results -- is the SEO process in which search engine results are ranked according to their apparent relevance to keywords and search queries that Internet users look for.

Organic search engine optimization depends on making a website more valuable to the typical web user through high-quality content and clean, eye-catching web design. Organic search stands in direct contrast with non-organic SEO tactics like paid advertising and pay-per-click.

And when as many as 80% of users on the Internet prefer to click on organically-listed search engine results and ignore paid ads entirely, the need to optimize one's website for organic SEO is immediately apparent.

When trying to optimize your website so it will generate the most organic traffic possible, it's important to keep your website's content in mind. Writing that informs and engages users with up-to-date facts and successful keywords will without a doubt generate better organic search standings than content stuffed with too many keywords that contains outdated information and stale writing. In fact, doing the latter can actually have a detrimental impact on where your website stands in search results.

A stunning 95% of web users won't scroll past the first page of results for a search engine query -- so it's imperative to adopt an organic SEO strategy to make sure your website appears on this page.