Good news for Google Adwords users; Google has just announced they will be providing a flexible reach option to target at the Ad-Group Level of the account. Previously the only way to specifically target placements for your ads was to set it up within the "settings tab" at the campaign level. This new change makes it easier for advertisers taking advantage of pay-per-click marketing to set specific targets for each ad-group created.

When creating your PPC ad campaigns in the future (remember, Display Network not Search Network), you will now have the ability to specifically tailor placements, which will give you more control. If you want to highlight a product feature, but only want to target certain website, you now have an answer to that problem. No longer will you need to have a “shotgun approach” to selecting where your ad is shown. Find the audience you think will relate best to those ads in that group, and then target those websites.

It is important to note that once you select this feature for the campaign, you will not be able to change it back. If you don’t want to have meticulous control over where the ads are shown, you can still pick the “broad” or “specific” reach options at the campaign level.

Google has also announced that in the coming months they will be moving placement control of all campaigns which target the Display Network down to the ad-group level. Once that has taken effect for all users, all new campaigns will automatically have the new setting available.

This will be a great feature for Display Network advertisers because it will take a lot of reliance away from the Google Adwords Algorithm. It is important that advertisers using this setting pay attention to past data, and understand their audience. It could be costly to target an ad-group towards the wrong users. To learn more about this feature’s release, visit the Google Adwords Support page, and of course continue to follow our blog updates at Semify.