AdWords has a new feature, the Call Out, which is a new Google AdWords extension. Adam and Chad thought that this would be a great opportunity to discuss this new Google AdWords feature that’s expected to be arriving and available to everyone within the next few weeks. Watch this Daily Brown Bag to learn about the AdWords Call Out, how the Call Out will impact advertisers and consumers, and more information about Google AdWords extensions.

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Hello and welcome to The Daily Brown Bag, today we're going to be talking about a new AdWords feature, the Call Out. I'm Chad Hill, and I'm joined by Adam Stetzer.

Hey, good afternoon Chad. Welcome to The Brown Bag. So the AdWords Call Out. This is this new feature from Google that we're covering this afternoon, and what exactly is the Call Out, this is a new AdWords extension that's coming this week. Well it allows advertisers to display additional text, things like free shipping, money back guarantee, or end of season sale, and this is something that your consumer, your prospect, will see before they click on your ad as additional copy. And I guess, Chad, that will appear right below the traditional ad-copy will definitely also be seen on both mobile and desktop searches, and it’s something people should expect to be arriving available to everyone in the next few weeks, so the AdWords Call Out. Is this a big deal? What should we make of this Chad?

Well I think anytime Google gives you a potential way of differentiating your ad, you definitely want to take advantage of it, and I think one of the things that people don't really understand about AdWords extensions, because the Call Out is just the latest one. But there are other ones like reviews, site-links, locations, and a number of other ones that Google has tested over time. The thing people don't understand is really that the best practice is to actually add as many of them as possible to your ads and then what Google does, as Google normally does, is they do a good job of basically defining what extension makes the most sense based on the context of the search. So you don't have to say, "Well should I get rid of all of my location ad extensions in order to go to the Call Out?" The best practice would be, use them all, and let Google decide kind of based on what their data-analysis is telling you when they're going to show a Call Out versus a site-extension or something else.

So with that in mind, you know, the Call Out is a great opportunity and one of the things that's easy about it is you don't have to have like a site-extension, the links, the sort of sub-links underneath an ad, you don't have to actually have your Call Out go anywhere. So it's a great way of making a quick announcement that you have a special sale running or that there's some sort of free promotional asset that's available on your website. You just drop that in, you can put it in at the account level so it'll hit all of your ads and it obviously makes it pretty easy for people to drop these Call Outs in. So until it rolls out and we get a better sense of what the click-through, and what the improvement, and how often they show, we won't really know until we start to see that roll out, but again anytime Google gives you a new opportunity for screen space on their search results, you want to take advantage of it. So I think that's our take on that Adam.

Yeah, and the proof, as always as you said, Chad, is in the data. One of the great things about digital marketing, digital advertising, is there's an abundance of data to know if things are working so the AdWords Call Out extension is what we're covering today. A new feature for your PPC-page search campaign, we'd be interested in your comments if you're following this closely and if it's something you'll be offering to clients. And as always we appreciate you viewing, we hope we'll see you tomorrow for another Brown Bag.