In an early 2016 survey, you told us that you wanted dashboard updates with a focus on new features and usability. In this webinar, Chad demos and talks about the new features that we've rolled out and other updates we've made.

Webinar Questions

Thank you for attending the webinar on 8/18. We had a technical glitch that lead us to miss the questions asked during the webinar. I thought it seemed awfully quiet. Please find our answers below.



We want to be able to export meaningful performance metrics into our dashboard. Much more important to us than leads.

I believe this question was related to Zapier. We started with Contacts because it was a good initial test and there are many applications in the Zapier ecosystem that deal with contact data. We polled people in the webinar to ask about the next type of integration. Tasks and SEO data came up next which is in line with your interest.

Do you have this presentation somewhere to help with Zapier setup?

Our Zap is in invite only mode. If you are interested in getting in the Beta, please build a support task and ask them to route it to Chad. I will take care of getting you the link to the Zap and a key for authentication.

Site Auditor

Could this be positioned where we could buy this report for new prospects to help us sell new clients?

The initial release will focus on current clients (reporting only and up). There are internal teams looking at how to use the onsite auditor in a pre-sales capacity. If you would be interested in getting involved to help us build the best product possible, please contact your Account Manager or come to our 4 pm training session for more information.

Will Site auditor be available for non-accounts (leads)

It will only be available for reporting only and up campaigns. Read above.

The link does not appear to be active.

It is in alpha mode today and has only been released to our internal team for training. You can get in touch with your Account Manager or join the 4 pm training for more questions.

Phone Tracker

Is there a way to turn off the duplicate counter? I.e. I have a client who gets calls every month for an appointment. They would like to count those conversions as good calls, even though they are duplicate.

There is not a way to turn it off overall. Currently, you would need to go in and change the bad calls to good. Remember that this is only relevant for numbers with the Web - PPC medium. Get in touch with us to talk about this issue more specifically.

Can we auto delete those short calls so we don't have to audit them?

I believe this question is related to the Bad Number check. No, there isn’t a bulk delete or bulk ability to mark calls bad. Get in touch with your Account Manager or 4 PM training for more information. The bad calls would still be recorded, correct?

Yes GA Events Will Google record every call as a good call?

Good question. The event is triggered at the beginning of the call. The auto disposition is handled once the call ends. So, yes events will be triggered for all calls.


Text of a lead to multiple people. I.e. sales manager and Marketing

This functionality already exists. You can turn on SMS notification on the user profile. Each user has to have a verified SMS number but then they would get any lead notifications. If you don’t want to use the built in SMS feature the other option would be to use Zapier to notify via a 3rd party application.

Are there any plans to simplify the dashboard UI? I find it a very confusing system to use. Would love to open it to clients but hesitant to do so without really grasping how to really get around myself.

The most immediate solution we have is to do some training with you and your team. One of the most important initial things to know is that the dashboard shows less functionality to your end customer than you see as an Admin - Reseller. This makes it simpler for them to use.

We also do have some longer term plans to update the CSS and make other usability enhancements but we have been focusing on new features based on the results of the reseller survey that we conducted earlier in the year.