Off-page: When used in SEO, off-page refers to search engine optimization tactics that take place outside the website itself. Examples of off-page SEO strategies include link-building by generating relevant content on other well-respected, authoritative websites.

There are virtually endless possibilities when it comes to all the different things a business can do for its off-page SEO. From social media use, blogging and forum posting to link exchange and link baiting, there's bound to be at least a few strategies that work for your company.

Another off-page strategy that has gained attention recently is local SEO and taking advantage of local listings. When 97% of web users are using search engines to look up information on businesses in their area, you can't really afford to not have your business listed in Google's local directory or other locally-focused sites like Yelp.

Any off-page SEO checklist begins with checking the value of one's inbound links with a tool like Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer lets you look at your website's top-linked pages, examine the anchor text other sites use when linking to your site -- and you can even take a look at what your competitors are doing with their own inbound links.

By optimizing your website's inbound links -- in addition with any of the other off-page tactics listed above -- you can do wonders for your website's search-engine standings.