So I've been in Twitter for real for a week now and I thought I'd report out. In a nutshell, it has been confusing. Really confusing. And I'm starting to feel old. Everyone said that there would be great conversations and witting interchanges happening in Twitter. So far, it's feeling a little flat to me. And no wonder corporations are confused about how this will benefit them.

Perhaps I'm not following the right people. Perhaps I'm doing it all wrong. Before heading into Twitter land I did a bunch of reading on how to do it. I blogged on what I thought the right approach was based on my research. And I'm following all of the Twitter hints I was given. Don't be too commercial. Join in the conversation. Follow others you find interesting and respond to their Tweets. Check, check, check and check.

So what am I seeing? I am seeing that many other people have not read the same pointers I did. I see many people that just post links. Perhaps this is the overly commercial thing people warned about. I think I will stop following those people.

There are a few people I see marketing in Twitter really well. They seem to be really doing what they say in their Tweets. And their websites are a bit of a mirror of their Twitter activity. Perhaps this is the secret to Twitter marketing. Don't market. Just be real and post your activities - for real. The people who are interested in what you are doing will check you out. That's soft marketing in a way.

In conclusion, it's been kind of fun to chronicle my every move in short Tweets this week. I'm thinking I will continue, but not because it has any marketing value - more because it's been fun - albeit confusing.