Our mission at Semify is often to help clients improve their position in the search engines through SEO. But what happens when something "bad" is listed about you on the first page of Google? Well, this is where online reputation management comes in.

Online reputation management is a newer concept that has only gained popularity with the extreme rise in Google search usage. It refers to the public relations aspects of Google search results. Given the volume of people using Google on a daily basis for information, you can easily see that bad press about your company, or you individually, listed on page 1 can create significant problems. Worse yet, the negative webpage may not even be factual since there is no fact-checking done at Google.

We have recently started doing online reputation management for our clients in these circumstances. The objective in these situations is to help the good news move up. In other words, we want to amplify the positive reviews in the hopes that the unfriendly pieces will get pushed down the rankings. We find, in most cases, there is ample positive news related to your business already on the Internet. The problem is that these positive web pages are not surfacing to the top of the search results. While the process to help them be found by the search engines is just the same SEO you might use on your site, most people don't think about online reputation management in this fashion.

If you are concerned about a piece of negative news or inappropriate websites that reference your business that are showing near the top of the Google search results, we urge you to contact us about using SEO for reputation management.