Open Source: Open source software is any piece of software that gives a free license to anyone who downloads it to modify its source code to their preferences. Creating open source software can be an effective tactic for generating exposure and conversation.

The industry for open source software is by far one of the most thriving sectors of today's IT world. According to the International Data Corporation, the open source industry is growing at a rate of approximately 22% each year. In addition, about 95% of the largest IT organizations and companies will be incorporating open source software solutions into their most critical software deployments.

However, even five years ago, many IT companies weren't jumping at the chance to offer open source software, fearing hacking threats -- but in reality, making a software code available on a large scale as is done with open source software can actually allow software developers to detect hackers even quicker. That's why open source software is quickly becoming the status quo among software developers.

Facebook, Google and many more of the world's top tech companies have utilized open source software in some way, and for good reason. Open source is a cost-efficient, flexible and reliable way to establish successful software platforms.