The term organic optimization jumped at me today from one of our analytics reports. I'm sure that you, like me, read your Google analytics reports with great interest every day. Yes, this little report is the ultimate measure of success in Internet marketing, particularly when you are in the SEO services space. Chad will be quick to correct me that conversion and return on investment are actually more important, and he's right. But since so much rides on your placements in Google to drive the traffic that brings those conversions, I often feel that your organic optimization results are like the gas in the car. Sure the car technically drives you, but not without gas in the tank.

So this term, organic optimization, seems a little silly to me. After all, optimization is short for search engine optimization (SEO). Organic is usually slang for natural search traffic, or the non-paid type of traffic. So it seems to me that organic optimization is really like saying SEO SEO. Or, optimized search engine optimization. Very silly to say the least.

But who am I to argue with the mighty analytics report. After all, it holds our business fate within the those little lines of data. Those clicks and bounce rates are the very lifeblood of any online business. So organic optimization it is. Though it pains me. Almost as much as "synergy," a word (and the word word should really be in quotes there) that I hate.

As Chad is constantly reminding me, the organic optimization search game is all about chasing demand, not creating it. You can't create clicks in SEO, you really only react to that demand that is already there. I think this is what frustrates the marketing professions in the organic optimization space the most. They have been taught that best practice is to create a brand and reinforce it at every turn. But in the search world, this just doesn't work. The demand is already there - searching away for better or worse. Your job is simply to recognize it and figure out how to convert it into money. Ultimately, that's organic optimization. I guess we better add another buzz word to our SEO campaign management landing page.