Members of our SEO reseller program are always worried about customer retention. It takes so much work to bring a customer on-board, the last thing you want is to have them walk away from your business after a few months. You want to be building long-lasting ties with your customers so that they will never leave you.

But as our SEO reseller program members remind us regularly, building long-term customer relationships is particularly difficult in the search engine optimization industry. Why? Because this space is so new people are not entirely sure what they are buying. There is so much confusion that even when you are achieving great results from your SEO vendor, you can't help but wonder "could I be doing better" when you receive one of those crazy phone calls from India promising the impossible.

  To help combat this problem Semify has introduced the Organic Search Engine Traffic Alert Email. This is a setting in the SEO reseller program portal where you can decide if you want to update your clients daily or weekly on the clicks they are receiving from the search engines. We think this is a fantastic addition to our SEO technology suite. While this information has been available for a long time in our portal, now we can efficiently push it to customers as a constant reminder of the daily value we are bringing to their business. Each visit is a potential customer and that's valuable.

We brand these emails with the logo and colors appropriate to the SEO reseller program members profile. It is critical the the customer see the resellers as the valuable player here - Semify is purely back-office. Of course, we also offer these to our direct clients as well. If you want to see a sample or understand how this works, let us know.