What's so great about the Semify's website design reseller program that is about ready to launch? Well, besides beautiful design and great value, our unique website reseller packages offer tons of flexibility. With our pricing app, YOU get to choose just how much work (ie: copy, images) you want to outsource to us versus how much you want to do yourself. With our transparent, turnkey model you are in control of price! Watch the video to learn more about our website development reseller program.


Hello, and welcome to our website reseller packages video. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. We've been working hard with our team over the last year, really, to figure out what people need when they're looking for website reseller packages, and how to bundle this up so that it can be really efficient, be a good product. So why exactly is Semify so excited about this relaunch of our website reseller program?

I think it always starts with the actual look and feel the website. And these websites that we're going to be building really do look great. And they have all of the features that you need to generate leads, especially if you're a lead generation business, looking for phone calls or web form completions. They have all the features that you're going to need to get people to engage in your business, and then want to contact you. So that's the first reason that we're really excited about the website reseller package.

I agree. I think they look really great. I think people are going to be really pleased with the website reseller packages.

We've piloted them. We've shown them to a lot of folks, gotten a lot of feedback. So I think you're right. We've checked the box there. But what else makes our website reseller package program so special?

Well I think that because we're really working to define the entire process and build structure around it, we're going to be able to scale the website reseller packages, which is really exciting. Because we're going to be able to get these websites out faster than most people are used to with building websites. That means there will be some more upfront requirement definition. But because we're doing that upfront, when we're ready to go we're going to be handing off a fully put together package of information that our team can then take and run with. And which means that we can now staff that team to be able to turn these websites around very fast, and support them better than what most people are used to.

Right, and that's where we've seen a lot of these reseller arrangements or partnerships really break down, is in the hand off, in the communication, and making sure the requirements are gathered. So with our website reseller packages, we work really hard to streamline. So that our resellers know exactly what information they need to give us. Our team then is expecting that information, and can be accountable for a production schedule and a turnaround time that gives that reseller the confidence that their delivery team is going to be behind them.

And then ultimately, one of the other really important factors is flexibility when you're creating a website reseller package. So flexibility means that we're going to give our partners, our resellers, the ability to do as little or as much as the work as they want. So if they're willing to take on the responsibility of selecting graphics and tracking down logos and writing copy and getting it all together in one place, we're going to be able to deliver these websites for a very, very low price.

But if you don't have that time to collect all the information, you can move the slider up and say, I would like Semify to do more of that work, because I don't have the time. And then we'll be able to gather the information we need from you to have our team build a website and write all the copy that you need to get the website done.

I think that's really cool. Because we've heard from many different agencies. Some have in-house resources. Others are single guy shops. So there's a lot of different variety in how much support people need.

What I also think is interesting is some groups may want to start keeping a lot of that work on their side of the fence, and really only outsource a very small amount of the actual construction of the website to us to keep that price down. But as they scale, they can use us as flexible resources where, I just sold three this week, that's too many for me to handle. Maybe this one I'll send more over to the Semify side than keep myself. So the flexibility really comes in many different flavors. I think that's a real selling point of Semify's website reseller package.