Sometimes what really propels a website to the forefront of the the search engine results page (SERP) gets lost in translation. To dispel the myths right now, we were recently talking about what professional seo services really do to improve the ranking of your website (or what you could do yourself if you have the fortitude). Research has shown that 30% of your seo success has to do with keyword optimization on on your website and the much larger, 70% of your seo success has to do with what websites link to you and how they do so. Organic seo services and local seo services spend time getting relevant websites with a high domain authority to link to you. A good organic seo service will also be talented in the area of content marketing--writing catchy and informative content that is useful to people to the extent that they link to it, will exponentially improve the success of your website's ranking in the SERP. Watch the video to tune in to our conversation.


Hello, and welcome to our video on organic SEO services. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me as well.

Good morning, Chad. We're talking about organic SEO services today. And I want to have a conversation with you about how people should go about looking for a vendor to support them in their pursuit to increase rankings, and just what advice you'd have for them on how to select an organic SEO service as they peruse the many options that are online today.

Right. Well, usually the objective people have when they are looking for improving the organic rankings is that they're going after existing demand that's already there. People are searching for their category or related topics and if they can get up high enough in the search engine results page-- otherwise known as a SERP-- then people will click through, come to their website, and buy their product.

So really going way back to the beginning of SEO services, you have to understand what goes into who gets served up on those pages. And SEOmoz puts together a poll every year and looks at what various industry experts think goes into the search rankings. And usually what people have concluded over the years is that 70% of what drives rankings is who links to you and how they link to you. And then the other 30% is what's on your website.

So actually a lot of people think that if I just go to my website and put the keyword on there a bunch of times, I'll rise up to the first page in Google. And that's not true. That actually was only 30% of the equation. The other 70% is actually getting links to your website, getting people to build links to your website, and finding people who are interested in the content you're talking about, and linking to you.

And Chad, I know that may seem like very basic cheap SEO services, but it's really professional seo services. But I tell you, there's not a holiday season-- and this year was no exception, it happened this past Saturday-- where I'm at a cocktail party and someone is asking me about organic rankings and SEO. And they say, oh, isn't that just who clicks on the results the most? That is what rises them to the top?

So I know for SEO folks, what we're saying may sound very basic, but there probably a lot of people watching this who are still thinking that might be the case. And let's dispel that myth right here. How many times it's clicked on is not the deciding factor.

So think that through. It would be so easy to game. You would have thousands of people in very low cost labor markets like India or South America clicking on your results all day long. So that is not the main factor. But so then it leads them to say, OK, well I want to hire an organic SEO service, seo consulting services to help me with what really are the factors. So what drives your rankings?

Right. So let's take the idea of authority of your website, which really comes into play with how many links there are to your website. And one of the things that a good SEO services, a good organic seo services firm can help you do is come up with a program that's going to earn links to your website.

And there's a lot of different tactics people use. Some of them are by viral tactics, creating something funny or buzz worthy, and having people link and promoting that. So that people link to your website to say, look at this funny video or look at this funny graphic that these people created. But the way that we find works better for most small businesses, people that are more routine businesses that people are dealing with every day, is to create informational content. And if you create informational content that answers people's questions as they go through the decision process, it's a great way to put that content out on different places across the web and then inform someone about whatever it is they're learning about. And then at the bottom of that, you can get a link back to your website.

If you get enough of those links over time, that's going to build up, again what I call the domain authority so that your website has a better chance of ranking for the keywords that are in both that content as well as what's on your website. And that's how you improve your organic rankings. So Chad, it sounds like something that a small business owner could actually do themselves. Is that true?

Yeah, good point, Adam. And it is something they can do themselves. But I think there's a lot of people out there that would say well, we've seen a lot of people try. But what happens is they do it for a week, or maybe two weeks if they're really diligent, and then it sort of falls by the wayside with all the other issues that are coming up running a business day to day. So we actually see this as being something that you have to have a very organized methodology, like a seo software, and be able to execute and do what you say you're going to do. And we find that too often, people who say they're going to do it themselves just don't stick with it long enough to really see the results that are out there for them.

Right. And I like to say, I could also change the oil in my car myself if I read the book and learned how and had the right tools. But I choose not to. So I think your analogy holds here in that you should find an organic SEO services provider who knows how to do this. Just like Jiffy Lube's very good at changing oil, these organic seo service providers understand the SEO process, they understand how to create engaging content, they understand how to get buzz and how to make things go viral. And ultimately get back links to your page so you'll rank. So that's our two cents on how to shop for an organic SEO services provider.