PPC: PPC, or pay per click, is a pricing model used primarily for link advertising in which the advertiser pays a set amount for each click on that link. The advertiser pays nothing if the ad is shown without being clicked on by a user. As a marketing strategy, it is primarily used to drive higher traffic to websites.

One of the most popular PPC advertising types is search engine advertising, in which advertisers bid for ad placement related to keywords. When users type in queries containing those keywords, the ad is featured at the top or side of the search engine results. If the searcher then clicks on that link, the advertiser pays a small fee to the search engine. The most popular platform for this type of advertising is Google AdWords.

PPC management services can help companies to select the proper keywords for a campaign, handle the bidding process, and assess campaign successes and failures. Because of the bidding process, less popular keywords are less expensive while others are very expensive. Companies must therefore be sure their keyword selections are relevant to their services (leading to a higher close rate and therefore return on investment) and review expensive or underperforming keywords in order to avoid unnecessary PPC spending.