Here at Semify, we've been watching the paid search tools industry and wondering how it will evolve next. There seem to be a great number of PPC tracking tools out there. I won't re-hash the criteria that I outlined in my previous post about how to select a tool to support your paid search management.

This post is to announce that we are opening up our ppc platform for a limited time as ppc freeware. We have been using our platform for large corporate ppc management accounts for quite a while and feel it is solid. But we'd like to solicit feedback from mid-sized and smaller businesses that usually can't afford the steep management fees associated with full service. For them, we see a ppc freeware version, but with a couple distinct advantages from what you can find on the web today.

With downloadable ppc freeware, you don't really know what you are getting. And there is usually no support. If you read the reviews, you will see that the results are mixed. Our vision is to make a scaled back version of our hosted enterprise paid search management tool and allow smaller businesses to use some of the features for free. Thus, our hosted ppc freeware (yes, a slight stretch).

As a promotion, we are offering a free consultation session to help you get set up and describe the functionality of our ppc freeware. Simply schedule a free telephonic session with one of our PPC consultants using the button below.