Today the PPC Roundtable will be talking about three areas of Google's new AdWords enhanced campaign management that you should become familiar with. Enhanced campaign management has its pros and cons, the cons being that we'll probably start seeing cost per click slowly start to increase as this rolls out. But it's coming (on July 22nd), so in order to prepare you for the launch of enhanced campaign management, we've shot this video that entails some best practices and general know-how.


Today we're going to be talking about three areas you should become familiar with, with Google's new AdWords enhanced campaign management. So I'm going to start off. And just in general, enhanced campaign management is pretty much a mitigation to a new way that Google is going to be running things. It does have its pros and cons, the cons being that we'll probably start seeing CPC slowly start to increase as this rolls out. But it's coming, so we just want to make sure you're prepared for it and know some best practices and just be prepared.

So first off, I just wanted to I guess cover that the general category is that you're no longer going to be able to shut off tablets in just campaigns that are targeting desktop computers now. So pretty much that's going to really not effect a whole lot of people. Pretty much a lot of the traffic that comes through on computers are seen very well on tablets nowadays. So now that they have the higher-resolution screens, we generally seem to see that you're actually getting a good conversion rate on tablet. So I think that that's not a huge thing, but it's definitely something you should become aware of.

The bigger thing is that mobile's going to be automatically turned on in each campaign. Now, before, the best practice was to split up mobile and desktop and tablets into different categories so that you can actually control the bid prices and actually understand what your campaigns are getting for you.

Now, mobile is a kind of a different beast. Some industries it will actually perform better with. So a good example of this is like a pizza place. They to get a pretty good return on investment when it comes to mobile because people just blow up their phones and they'll be ordering a pizza right from there. So you can capture them right at the moment of relevancy.

Now, since it's going to be automatically enabled on all accounts, somebody who's focused on getting people to download a white paper are probably not going to see the same value in that as they're going to see on a desktop or tablet. So it's just something that we wanted to make sure that you're aware of.

You are allowed to adjust the mobile [INAUDIBLE]. You can actually set it to 0% if you didn't want to target that. But you can't create a separate campaign that just targets mobile. So that's definitely a big change.

The other thing, too, is you can also reduce it by percentage. So if mobile traffic is so important to you but maybe not as important as, let's say, desktop or tablet traffic, you can set it at maybe 80% or whatever you feel kind of puts you in line with your goals.

Now, the other thing I just wanted to touch base on is a tip, is that you can actually set, in a campaign that will be targeting all three, ads that you specifically want to show the mobile users. So that's also a very good strategy to try and get people-- going back to maybe the white paper, you lead them to a site that might make more sense for mobile traffic, like a Contact Us form pretty quickly and easily filled out.

So I'm going to move this over to Eric so he can kind of cover a couple of the changes in metrics. And then Chad's going to finish up by kind of going over some of the cost control and the new features there.

Thanks, Dave. In any campaign, whether it be a legacy or enhanced campaign management, you're going to be able to include site link set. Now, a site link's similar to organic searches where it shows different pages that a user a user can click through to. The benefit with the enhanced campaign management is just a couple of added features that give you a little more control over the campaign and a little more control over your data.

For one, you can now rotate and set start and end dates for these site links. You can apply them not just at a campaign level but to specific ad groups. So now you don't have to guess where did the user go once they clicked on these links or which links did they end up clicking to. You'll have better control.

In addition to that, Google just released a new feature where you can add descriptions to site links. So now you can add two lines of text and explain where the user is going to be going. And of course, as any analyst knows or anyone that's really running page search campaigns, especially those diving into these enhanced campaign management, the more information that you have or the more descriptive call to action that you can include in the ad text, wherever it is, and the more real estate you can take up, the more you're going to push out competitors, get a better click-through rate, and really utilize the money that your client's giving you.

I mean, that's where the main point, is you're trying to make money. You're trying to get them to the site. So instead of giving them one option, you can give them up to eight options and have a little description underneath. So if you're not taking advantage of that, when you switch over to enhanced campaign management, you can guarantee that your competitors will, and you'll be missing out.

Exactly. Very good points all across the board. In closing, I'm going to talk a little bit about some cost control things you can do to improve your enhanced campaigns. The biggest one I personally like myself is for call extensions. There's a couple of reasons for that.

Normally, call extension are on 24/7. So if your business actually closes at 5, 6 o'clock and somebody sees your ad at 8, 9 o'clock, some people will actually call because the number is there. If you don't pick up the phone, you could actually lose that lead. So one really cool thing is you can set your call extension to show just during business hours. After business hours are up, turn the call extension off automatically. It'll force them to send you a contact form or an email lead. Just a lot more control over really when your numbers show and they don't.

Playing off of that is location, adjustments for bids. If you operate maybe four or five pizza locations, for example, like Dave was saying, and you know that your New York City one actually performs the best, you can actually increase that location's targeting by, say, 10%, 20%, and drop other ones that aren't performing as well.

Going back really quick to the call extensions, though, another feature you couldn't do on the current legacy campaigns is actually set call extensions on a level if you had one call extension number or two, but it's on a campaign level. Now, for example, if you have a campaign that's broken out into five ad groups that are all specific locations, if they all have their own phone number, you can track them a little bit better. Like Eric was saying, metrics is a big thing. Costs are going to go up, like Dave said. You want to really do everything you can to quantify where that increase is going to and to figure out what to cut out and what to increase on it.

A lot of these features that we've talked about, we're really giving you a lot of that control. Just a reminder for everybody-- 25 days and you're done. You have to update to set up. If you want it or if you don't you have 25 days, and then everything's going over to enhanced campaign management. So might as well kind of have an insight of what's going to be happening.

All right, great. And just kind of in closing here, hopefully you're a little more comfortable with enhanced campaign management. You know, it is something that we're going to move over to. It's going to be the norm. So we've been doing it if you already have an account with us for probably the past two, three months.

So you guys should be up to speed on it. If you guys have any further questions on that, it is kind of a beast and we're only covering the high-level points. Feel free to hit us with any questions in the forum, and we'll be able to follow it with you guys there. So thank you for tuning in, and tune in in the future. We'll have more of these. Thank you.