Improved rankings lead to more website traffic and more traffic leads to more sales or leads. Although we've seen this trend across many clients, sometimes people need more proof that search marketing is really bringing in new clients.

Lead forms are easy to add to websites and when configured correctly can be used to attribute leads to a specific SEO or PPC campaign. Most small and medium businesses, however, still get most of their business through phone calls.

Semify now offers a phone tracking script and control panel that allows our resellers to configure their client's websites to automatically change the phone number on the client screen based on the source of the call.

We find that this empowers our resellers to have more trackable results when reviewing or discussing a search marketing campaign.

Here is how the program works:

You can either use a tracking number through our phone tracking platform or source your own tracking numbers. When you have the number you setup the tracking on the screen below:
You have the choice to swap phone numbers based on a query string parameter (useful for paid search services) or the referrer (a different number for google and yahoo organic search).
Once the service is configured, you can then see the number of calls in the last 30 days on our dashboard.
Or click the call details link to see the actual callers. We also offer the ability to record and listen to phone calls.
If you are interested in adding Phone Tracking to your client services, please contact us.