By now, most business owners realize that they need to prioritize digital marketing if they want to succeed in our tech-driven marketplace. But that doesn’t always mean that your clients will understand the finer points of internet marketing -- nor will they always be eager to embrace concepts that may be unfamiliar to them.

And really, who can blame them? For someone who’s accustomed to traditional forms of promotion, search engine optimization may seem risky and confusing at best and completely wasteful at worst.

That can present a real challenge for resellers. While a print advertisement or TV spot can still be effective, marketers know that ongoing digital efforts are both necessary and cost-effective for success. Convincing your clients of that, however, may not be so easy.

Establishing a marketing budget for SEO and other digital marketing efforts might not be high on your client’s list of priorities. In many cases, that may be simply because they don’t understand the benefits these strategies can provide for their business. While nothing is a “sure thing,” the return on investment and long-term results that SEO can provide extends far beyond what traditional marketing techniques can.

If I could just show my clients how effective and affordable even small changes can be, you might think, I know I could help them understand how necessary SEO is for their success.

Of course, it’s not easy to get those clients to commit to a multi-month SEO campaign in order to prove your point. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. But if you can’t even convince them to take a seat at the table, they’ll never know how sweet the rewards can be.

If only there was a way to try out some SEO in a limited capacity to show your clients what they can expect to see…

That’s where our premium onsite product comes in. We understand that not everyone is ready to commit to a three-month SEO contract right away. It can feel like a huge gamble, especially for smaller businesses or those who are unfamiliar with digital marketing strategies. It can also feel that way for resellers who currently handle other aspects of digital marketing but who don’t feel confident in their own SEO knowledge -- or those who have been taken advantage of by unethical SEO agencies in the past.

We created our premium onsite product to provide a fast and affordable means of website improvement and optimization. It’s intended for those who may not be quite ready to take on one of our standard SEO plans but who are interested in seeing what SEO can do for their clients. Since its development, this product has also been utilized as an ongoing means of extra optimization for larger resellers or for resellers with clients who could benefit from continuous website improvements.

In our premium onsite SEO case study, we’ll delve into what’s involved in this product, how this product has helped our resellers and their clients grow, and why you might want to consider this product as part of your digital marketing strategy with us.

Understanding the Premium Onsite Product

In our previous SEO case studies, we’ve demonstrated some of the results our clients have had using our various service plans (including SEO Intermediate News). But for those who don’t yet feel ready to invest three months or more into an SEO campaign, it may feel like the results you’re after are out of reach.

It can feel like a big risk to commit to an SEO plan. Even if you know how essential these marketing services are, your clients might need undeniable proof that these strategies will work for them. And while data from other campaigns can sometimes help to sway their opinion, it’s no guarantee that they’ll see the same results. There are so many ranking signals to consider that, even when taking competitor analysis into account, pieces of the puzzle might be missing.

Our premium onsite product is intended to be a standalone product, rather than being included in a larger SEO plan. It’s a la carte, meaning that it can be added on as a service for our existing resellers. Alternatively, it can be essentially used as a first foray into SEO for new resellers.

This product is completely customizable depending on the needs of your client’s site and the recommendations made by our analysts. With a premium onsite deliverable, our tech team analyzes the site to determine how improvements can be made. Then, they’ll provide a quote for how long making those improvements will take. Instead of paying for one piece of content or a report, the client pays for the time required to make as many (or as few) improvements as our experts feel the site requires.

In that sense, the premium onsite encompasses far more for the money. This product can include creating brand new web copy, optimizing existing site content, adding metadata, optimizing image alt tags, and more. It really depends on what the individual site really needs to improve rankings and provide a better user experience.

This product provided a solution to a problem that both we and our resellers wanted to avoid: missing keywords. Using previous methods, those keywords might have stayed missing -- meaning that the client’s website might not appear on the first 10 pages of search results. But now, we can use this product to target multiple keywords, including those you and your client might not have thought of.

The idea is to improve the entire website, rather than just a page or two; our assessment will show what needs to be done to optimize for relevant keywords and provide a bigger SEO impact. This, in turn, can be used to show your clients what kind of growth is possible using ongoing content marketing and optimization efforts.

How Premium Onsites Have Helped Our Resellers

Although premium onsites are a relatively new product for us, many of our resellers have expressed their satisfaction with this offering. As part of this add-on feature, we capture images related to keyword rankings through SEMRush before starting work and then every 30 days. At the 90-day mark (or sometimes sooner), we make it a point to schedule a call with our resellers to discuss the progress. We can even provide reports that resellers can show their clients to illustrate how these minimal changes can have a huge impact on traffic and search rankings.

As you might know from reading another onsite SEO case study on our site, we have a wide variety of resellers who choose to grow together with us. Some resellers have been with us for years and have a number of campaigns running at any given time. Others are brand new to the game and have only one or two clients. For those with long-term clients who could benefit from a fast, holistic approach to optimization, the premium onsite product can analyze the ideal areas for improvement and help move some of those keywords that need an extra boost. And for resellers who have new clients who aren’t convinced that an SEO plan is right for them, opting for a few hours’ worth of development work can be the thing that proves to a client that digital marketing provides an undeniable ROI.

Although the main objective of this product is the results it provides for clients, the part we’re even more excited about is how it helps us to build relationships. We know that trust can be difficult to come by when you outsource. It involves giving up your control and having confidence in your partners that they’ll deliver on their promises. Choosing between available providers is no easy task, especially when SEO really doesn’t have any guarantees. But when you’re able to implement SEO efforts in a highly specialized, a la carte manner, you’re able to forge mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and respect.

We believe growing together creates the freedom to be more. In other words, we’re just as invested in the growth of your clients and the growth of your business as we are in our own company’s growth. We love nothing more than creating meaningful and mindful relationships with our clients -- but we understand that doesn’t happen overnight. And we also know that words and proven experience aren’t always enough. Having access to hard data can make all the difference -- and with this product, we have an opportunity to provide it from early on in the optimization process.

Currently, we have a number of long-term resellers who have used or who continue to use this product to improve their clients’ optimization efforts. In fact, at least one larger reseller has now designated this product as part of their monthly plans for ongoing optimization due to the initial success their clients experienced and the value they feel it brings to their campaigns.

Every SEO case study needs real examples from client success stories. Here’s just a glimpse into our data that shows the before and after effects of the premium onsite product. These screenshots were taken to show just how impactful these website optimizations can be. Take a look for yourself:

Why Start With Premium Onsites

This product was really intended to be a stepping stone to SEO. A one-time cost isn’t nearly as intimidating as a monthly expenditure, after all. And although the perceived risk here is low, the potential benefits are high.

Therefore, it’s ideal for clients or even resellers who aren’t on-board with an SEO plan quite yet. Whether it’s because you want to test out our service for yourself or your client needs a crash course in what search engine optimization can really do for their business, premium onsites can provide a stress-free introduction to what we’re all about.

Choosing a partner for digital marketing fulfillment is no easy task. With the information outlined in this SEO case study, we hope to make the decision a bit more straightforward. To learn more about how this product can act a valuable first step in improving your optimization efforts for clients, get in touch with our team today.

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