Since launching our PPC Assessment program we have met with several clients. To maximize our 30 minutes, we recommend sending us a summary report of your Adwords or other PPC program. Please following the steps below to create and send this report:

1. Login to Adwords -
Adwords Login

2. Select Reports tab Google AdWords: Campaign Summary

3. Select Create a New Report Google AdWords: Report Center

4. Select Placement / Keyword Performance for Step 1 and Summary / Last Month / All campaigns and their ad groups for Step 2 Google AdWords: Create Report

5. Under Step 3, select Add or Remove Columns and check Conversion and Total Value. Leave all other default columns. Google AdWords: Create Report

6. Under Step 4, name the report with your company name. Complete the Email section as indicated in the graphic. Select Create Report and the report will be emailed to Semify for your assessment. Google AdWords: Create Report

Please let us know if you have any trouble following these steps.