Content marketing is the foundation of SEO. Once content is produced, it needs a place to be published offsite, and that is the big obstacle for most SEO resellers and digital marketers. It's not a problem for Semify.

We've spent countless hours building unique partnerships with third party, independent websites, most of them local community news sites. We have proven our worth to our publishing partners and now, many of them routinely come to us for content. When a big news story breaks and they need a story written within the hour, they come to us. In any news story we write, we can reference content (facts, studies, blog posts, infographics, videos) that's posted on your clients' websites because we have it all documented in our database for quick and easy access. (We can link to your clients' content only when editorially appropriate and always at the discretion of the publishing partner.)

A business, connected to an online news piece on a reputable, local community news site—that's exactly where your clients need to be in today's SEO environment. That's content marketing perfected!

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