Written By: Kyle Guercio

There is no cheating your way to the top with SEO in 2016. Google wants quality, organic content as much as consumers do.

To be completely honest, there will never be a onetime pot of gold when it comes to SEO. Rather, it will be a long, winding, and exciting path following the rainbow. SEO is constantly evolving, with new methods for boosting search rankings being developed everyday—which is why so many SEO providers use white label SEO services.

At the moment, the biggest hurdle facing SEO and the SEO reseller industry is Google’s impending Penguin update. As part of Google’s assault on spammy links, Penguin is designed to ensure that no poor quality links present on a site are rewarded. Anything deemed to be an unnatural mention of a site will be viewed as questionable and will do more harm than good.

Semify SEO resellers have link audit software that analyzes link quality and helps them disavow links that could cause problems. Link audit/disavow is a proactive measure that Semify recommends for all of its white label SEO partners.

This newest update rounds out Google’s attempt to deliver more accurate and reliable results. It works in combination with Panda, which is geared towards rewarding high-quality, organic content, and Hummingbird, which has improved the search engine’s ability to understand words and semantics. However, even with an in-depth understanding of how these mechanics function, there is no surefire way to predict how these changes will affect each individual site. Therefore, the key to staying on the gold-bound SEO rainbow is to follow trends in the digital marketing industry. So what trends can you expect in 2016?


Social media has been a powerful marketing tool for years, and now it has a large impact on SEO and SEO reseller businesses as well. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are only a few of the vast array of social outlets that are currently flooding the internet. Having shares, likes, posts, comments, and followers will expand a company not only in branding but in search engine results as well. Social media has added an entirely new platform for interaction between businesses and customers.


Several studies have shown increasingly more internet searches are being conducted via mobile devices. Mobile optimization is now a necessity for being successful. In fact, companies trying to reach customers online will likely be penalized for not having mobile optimized sites. The average internet user has a relatively short attention span when surfing the internet. People tend to leave unresponsive websites with poor web design extremely quickly. All it takes is a few seconds of delay for a webpage to open for users to simply abandon it.


Content is no longer just a space to pack full of keywords. Quality over quantity will be a staple of 2016. By now, every SEO provider, whether a white label SEO reseller or not, should be educating clients that quality does matter. Google’s algorithm is becoming more intelligent and is essentially reading content just as a viewer would. In other words, quality content must offer value to readers. If it is engaging enough, the best case scenario is that it will be shared across social media or other outlets. Recently, longer pieces of content have begun generating more traffic, likely because longer pieces contain more relevant information.


Voice searches are rapidly on the rise, too. Rather than typing out queries, many users are opting to use voice-related tools to quickly search the internet. This is important to SEO because most people who talk to their phones speak as if they’re talking to another person, typically asking questions in short detail. Implementing this same conversational tone in content can offer a huge boost in traffic from voice searches.


Search engines are now able to track how many times a user clicks on a website from the search results and then returns to the same results only to look for a different site, typically searching for better information. A high CTR could indicate that a site is optimized for search, but doesn’t offer relevant or high quality content. In order to maintain a good CTR, the content present on a page must be good enough to keep users engaged.


Google Analytics is an essential tool in any SEO strategy. This allows you to compare before-and-after statistics when making alterations or updates to your website. That way you can remove any changes that may have decreased traffic while simultaneously pursuing factors that raised traffic.


There is no cheating your way to the top with SEO in 2016. Google wants quality, organic content as much as consumers do. And, white label SEO resellers are looking for quality content that gets editorially appropriate links, like Semify’s Featured News service.

Getting to the top won’t be an easy road, but evolving alongside SEO is the only way to stop that gold from slipping between your fingers.