Most people who contact Semify to talk about our SEO reseller program are either from a web design shop or Agency. These are the two groups most likely to have technology customers who are probably asking about SEO. For most, the idea of building their own search engine optimization offering is a daunting task. There is the up-front research, philosophy and the costs of developing something you can stand behind. Yet, the customers are asking for an organic product. For a web design shop or agency to not offer this is leaving money on the table. For these folks, a white label SEO reseller strategy makes sense. They maintain control of the customer relationship, but also get product they can trust.

But what about the start-up guys? We get these calls on our SEO reseller line as well. These guys are near-and-dear to my heart being a multiple start-up guy myself. I always respect an entrepreneur who has the passion and guts to make a run at a serious business. It takes some guts because the odds of failure are not stacked in your favor. So what does the landscape look like in SEO? Well - You can probably argue that either way. One the one side, the yearly spend on SEM has been increasing at a startling pace. There is a market here - No doubt. And it is growing. The SEM space is also exciting. There are new developments each year and it's moving fast (relative to most businesses). People want to hear about this business at cocktail parties. If you love technology and the Internet, then this might be the place for you.

Now the bad news. There are many competitors out there. You should enter this field knowing that your customers will be solicited by competitors every day. You just need to be ready for this. If you have thin skin, this might not be for you. But then again, most entrepreneurs I know are hardier than that. The other critical point here brings us back to our SEO reseller program. You need to head into this market with solid ammunition. Don't go out there thinking that reading "SEO for dummy's" is going to give you the tools you need to really deliver high quality search engine optimization. It just won't. It is competitive out there. Any keyword phrase that has economic value has someone chasing it. The barriers to entry are low and the market stage is worldwide. This means there is no easy, quick money. This is why using a great SEO reseller strategy like the one Semify offers is simply a great move at the beginning. You can head out into this competitive marketplace knowing that you have SEO that works. As you grow, you can always consider bringing it back in-house as the customer relationship is yours.