Resubmission: The term "resubmission" refers to a second attempt to submit information to a program or automatic system after an initial attempt has failed or not yielded results. In SEO, this word is typically is used when a website owner or other user feels it is necessary to submit a website, keywords or other data to a search engine for the second time. Typically, this is done or considered because the search engine has yet to index the information. In most cases, a resubmission is attempted because a website owner has not found their website online or has not noticed a change in their search ranking.

Much like search engine submission, resubmission is generally considered a useless program. This service is typically offered by businesses seeking to bilk naive consumers out of their money for a worthless task. This is because major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use spiders, bots and crawlers to find websites, instead of requiring websites to submit their information. For this reason, businesses and individuals interested in SEO should likely focus on content marketing and other strategies instead of resubmission.