SEO Chicago sounds like a card game I played once .... But really, you searched on SEO Chicago because you want to hire a local search engine optimization company. We understand. Here in DC we hear that all the time from our customers. There is a comfort in having a firm that is just down the street. Local also means you can meet face-to-face easily, and that builds trust.

But there is also something to be said for hiring the best firm possible. In my last business we had many Fortune 50 clients, but not one of them was located here in town. In fact, I was in Chicago quite a bit for several different clients. In the end, it is business results that matter. With teleconferences and web meeting, you can conduct business very easily over the phone. You should examine your Chicago SEO criteria and make sure it is for the right reason. Are you looking for convenience, or the best possible corporate-ready search engine optimization campaign?