SEO Copywriting: SEO copywriting refers to the process of writing and formatting content in order to help make the document appear relevant to a wide array of related search queries. Executed properly, this should help draw page visits and increase a website's search ranking.

SEO copywriting often relies on a number of tactics designed to appeal to search engine algorithms, such as the strategic placement and repetition of keywords and keyword phrases. However, the best examples of SEO copywriting focus on the intended reader, not just the search engine the reader is using. As a result, SEO copywriting also focuses on writing in a manner that is grammatically correct, interesting, and well-organized.

Ultimately, however, some SEO firms prefer to focus on search rankings rather than content quality by utilizing a variety of disreputable methods, such as keyword stuffing. Others simply neglect proper formatting, or use poor grammar, spelling and punctuation. While this may initially draw page views, these poorly written webpages will rarely lead to sustainable web traffic because the content simply doesn't seem trustworthy. In some cases, this poorly-written content may even attract negative attention from the search engine. In contrast, good SEO copywriting is driven by its content, not its keywords, and will attract a steady number of users interested in the information, increasing the search ranking as a result.