You Got Something to Say?
We want to hear it, publish it and share it.

As much as we love to blog about SEO, social media, PPC, and everything digital marketing, we're kinda tired of hearing only from us. Our blog is filled with posts from just us.

Besides, we're all pretty busy here, especially our newsroom reporters who are writing Featured News for our publishing partners, and we could use a little help keeping this blog fresh.

What Do You Know?

What we're looking for now are some fresh voices to guest blog about digital marketing trends—to share knowledge, tips, ideas, opinions...information that will help people who are in the digital marketing industry, and perhaps even small business owners who are trying to figure out how to "do SEO."

SEO guest bloggers are likely to spur some disagreement or controversy. We won't shy away from that, though we will certainly comment on and respectfully debate guest bloggers' opinions.

The SEO Guest Blog Program

We're calling this an SEO guest blog because SEO is our main thing. We're an SEO reseller, after all! But we welcome guest blogs about the industry—topics such as SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Social media, Website Design, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Tracking, Selling Digital Marketing Services and so on.

This SEO guest blog program is by no means a "free for all." The guest blog has to be on a topic related to digital marketing. And it has to be 100% unique content. Creativity counts too!

What we could really use right now is a guest blog on the topic of "Twitter Etiquette," i.e, how to network on twitter without being a complete bonehead. So there's a suggestion for someone who wants to apply right now!

To apply, please contact info at Semify dot com