This summer is the 3rd anniversary of our SEO Reseller program. We’ve welcomed over 400 web design, seo firms, pr agencies, publishers, IT shops and many other businesses to the program. Thanks to each of our seo resellers. While each one of our seo reseller partners is different they all choose us because we have the best blend of software and services for outsourced online marketing. As we head into our fourth year as a seo reseller, I wanted to reflect on where we have been and where we are going:

Focus on Execution

From start to finish, we do what we say we are going to do. Three years ago, I would have thought that great execution would be a requirement for anyone in this business. Not so. We have many new seo resellers coming to us who are looking for more transparency and accountability for the clients they fought hard to win. My favorite line is when we resellers come to us saying they heard we are “the real deal.” That is a great compliment but I never thought that would be a point of differentiation. Semify has invested heavily in our execution. We just hired four new account managers to provide day to day contact with our seo resellers. Every employee of the company is measured on performance and task completion through our dashboard. Contracting and invoicing are also handled through our software. This means that every reseller can see what we see inside the company. We truly are an extension of their team.

As we move forward, we continue to train every new team member on the importance of tracking requests through support tickets. It is the only way to stay organized in a busy world. We will also be looking at ways to share some of our automated processes for billing, contracting and proposal creation.

Online Marketing Is Constantly Evolving

This goes without saying. At Semify we listen to your feedback and the changes in the market. We are taking a two-pronged strategy on service development going forward.

First, we are making a significant investment in our media properties for content marketing and SEO. Content marketing to us means creating useful and engaging content for end users. This is content that we can share virally but that also is found by the search engines and helps build domain authority and improve organic rankings. We also have a team of content specialists who are creating website marketing copy, videos, blogs, e-books, infographics and other onsite content that gets people to engage with your website once they click through from search engines, emails or social media sites.

While many of our partners initially contact us about our seo reseller program, we offer excellent paid media, social media, local seo, email marketing and website development services. We just doubled the size of our social media team and we have some exciting product development plans for social media that will launch later this year. We are also building out our web development capabilities for those resellers looking for help with website development.

Community is King

We really view our seo resellers as partners. This market is plenty big for everyone to be successful. Our belief is that if we can work together we can all build bigger businesses, put more people in America back to work and help our small business customers be more efficient.

Our reseller partners help us prioritize our product and service development. They have directly helped with our revamped local seo product, private labeled website development services, and numerous enhancements to our reporting software. We launched the forum this year and we’ve had some great participation from resellers. The thread on our seo proposal tool has been instrumental in defining the product requirements. If you haven’t been in the forum, collaborate with us. We want to hear more from our resellers.

Thanks again to all of our current resellers for making the last 3 years successful. We are investing more than ever in your future success. The lines are open… contact your account manager, join us in the forum and/or attend our next webinar.