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Chad and I have been talking quite a bit about all the potential SEO reseller plans that we are launching. It seems to us that there are many businesses out there that have a great customer list already in a related field of either information technology or marketing. These are prime targets for selling search engine optimization services. Since the client is already in-force, the sales cycle is likely to be shorter and the closure rate higher. As a result, we see a great opportunity to build relationships with these firms and share in the revenues that can be created.

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Our SEO reseller plans are fully customizable. Because of the flexibility of our technology platform, they can include private label or not. Any serious SEO technology today should have this capability.

The decision to private label depends on the preference of the partner organization. In some cases there will be distinct advantages for private label. In other cases, not.

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The other big consideration in SEO reseller plans is account management. In the case of the low-end link-building SEO of yesteryear, this was not a critical factor. But in the Fortune 100 space, where serious SEO services are sold, account management needs to be discussed up-front. Whichever firm manages account management will have accountability for customer contacts. Again, the various features of the SEO reseller plans can be customized as needed.

In summary, as the search engine marketing industry matures, we see great advantages in joining forces with firms that have client lists that might be interested in SEO services. Our reseller plans make it easy for our partners to sell our services and enjoy profits from their sales activities.

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