If you are in the Information technology marketplace then you are aware of search engine optimization. Seo has been growing for years as the popularity of search engines has exploded. SEO services are now sought after by almost every segment of the industry. There are so many people scrambling to get into the search engine optimization business that joining an SEO reseller program has become popular. The reason this is popular is that many people want to have a part of this action but don't really know how to do search engine optimization themselves. This is common in many segments of the market when there is a big growth in expenditure.

If you think about it this same phenomenon is happening in Internet domain registration. Very few people have the technology to actually be a registrar and run and domain information business. But many want to sell these services because they are so insanely popular among consumers. So many of the larger Internet domain registration companies offer reseller programs you could join if you want to work as a sales organization and resell their product. Search engine optimization is following the same path. There are now a number of different races where you can find an SEO reseller program.

So what you really look for as you shop for the appropriate SEO reseller program for your business? Well the first piece of advice I can offer is that you should never join an SEO reseller plan from a company that doesn't use their own tactics. This would be like seeing a doctor who won't take his own medicine. It is just not common sense and you should not do it. You need to work with an organization that believes in what they're doing enough to do it on themselves. For this reason I shy away from many of the SEO reseller programs I see adveritisng in Google PPC. The reason for this is once I click through their adding it to their site I see that they've done no SEO on themselves. Again I find this very untrustworthy.

The next important component in SEO reseller program of course are the specifics of the plan. You feel comfortable with the commission structure and how you will work with the organization is actually doing the work. You need to think of this partnership as one between a sales organization and delivery organization. You are selling a product and the company you partner with to do search engine optimization is actually delivering the work. There is always for cheap between sales and delivery in any large corporation. This can be magnified when you're partnering between different companies. For this reason it is important you have a solid working relationship and clear guidelines for who will do what to make sure the customers happy at the end of the day.

We believe the upshot that the technology is critical in SEO reseller program. Perhaps that is just our view of the world but the technology is the way you demonstrate your value in search engine optimization. You want to build a demonstrate your customer the links you built for them, the content you've created, and of course the business results on the rankings and traffic to their website. No many companies will tell you they can produce a report on monthly basis to demonstrate this, but if you have plans to scale to a large level you should seriously investigate whether this claim is true. You want an SEO company that knows how the scale and has a track record of growing larger organizations. Again we think technology is key here.

If you move through all of this due diligence and find an SEO reseller program that sounds like it will work for you, then it's time to pilot. Don't jump in with both the wonder why to work out 90 days later. I then with one customer stay close to the project and see how things go. Communication is key as you want to know what's happening a week by week basis. Good partner will update you regularly. And of course don't lose sight of the fact that the business results speak volumes. Were they able to move the rankings? Was the customer happy with the outcome? These are things you want to evaluate to decide if this partnership is going to work long-term.