Any blog or forum you consult will discuss the virtues of creating high quality content for your website. If you listen to Google, this is really the only thing you need to rank... But most know that their advice has to be taken with a grain of salt as it is laced with their agenda. By now, most people know that you need to regularly update your content in at least some fashion on your website. For many, including us here at Semify, this means maintaining a blog.

But what about the quality of the offsite SEO material you create? This is often a particularly important issue for SEO reseller shoppers. As you look for an SEO reseller program to outsource your fulfillment to, the quality of the work will be at the top of the list of due-diligence factors. We talk about this a great deal here at Semify HQ, and to be honest, it can be a difficult issue.

Like art, the quality of writing is often in the eye of the beholder

As you know, we like article syndication as a means of generating context-rich backlinks. These are no substitute for authority links from long-standing websites, but those are incredibly hard to get. I'm not saying that you shouldn't pursue those too - you absolutely should. But the article backlinks are great filler links that round out your backlink profile. As you've researched what SEO reseller program to join, I'm sure you've come across the same crazy backlink structure strategies on the Internet I have. Just take a look at this one I found:

Some people dream up crazy backlink strategies

I don't really know what that outer ring is actually referring to. I only show this as an example of how some people think. It seems that they are going to great lengths to appear natural. We don't spend a huge amount of time on this type of stuff in our SEO reseller program. We actually think there are much easier ways to be natural. Here are the highlights of our simplier view on SEO:

Use unique content always

Make sure your unique content is indexed

Make the best content you can

In other words, in the Semify SEO reseller program we go for quality over quantity. This means that we don't spin content. We have experimented with spinning content, but we ultimately decided that it was not particularly defensible as a white hat SEO tactic. Given that all of our SEO reseller plans are 100% transparent, we know that we need to be ready to get questions on everything we do... That's just the nature of the beast.

The trickiest part to me is quality. We have a very specific strategy to drive the quality of our content up as high as possible:

Only hire writers in America

Randomly audit the writers for quality and score them

Solicit editorial direction from our SEO resellers

And we do all of these religiously. But unfortunately, there are also budget considerations. All of our resellers want as much content as possible for the fees they pay. This is understandable. But it puts our desire for high quality content on a collision course with their desire for lower costs. This is the rub. Additionally, some of the keywords they select are really hard to write about naturally. Another technical difficulty in the reselling process.

Ultimately, I think this is one of those unanswerable issues because it comes down to a subjective assessment in the end. But let me be clear:

That doesn't mean we shouldn't continually push the quality envelope higher

For 95% of our accounts, the resellers are satisfied with the strategies we use. For the other 5%, we feel proud that our SEO reseller program is the most transparent and accountable program available and that we try harder than anyone else in our space to remedy any issues they do have. What more can you really do?