If you are in the hunt for a great SEO reseller partner, you are probably out reading many websites that make grand promises about how their program will fly off the shelves and fill your pockets with money. If you have read any of our blog, then you know that we subscribe firmly to the philosophy that anything that sounds too good to be true is. And this is as true of the SEO reseller space as any other. Let's break it down.

Any SEO reseller program that tells you sales will be easy is simply not telling the truth. This is not a knock on their program - which may be just fine. No. This is a knock on how willing they are to tell you the truth. If you have any business experience then you know that sales is the most difficult part of any business. If you are new this, and are building your small business for the first time, you need to hear some straight talk about the type of effort you will need to put in to get your SEO reseller business off the ground. Long story short: Work with people who call it like it is. Surround yourself with people that tell the truth not with people who say YES to everything or just what you want to hear.

Having gotten through that important piece of business, you are now ready to look at the nuts and bolts of the SEO reseller plan. Does it size up? Apply some common sense tests to this topic. Does the SEO reseller website itself rank well? If not - Why not? This should be your first piece of data. The second is how easy they are to get in touch with. A real business has an 800 number. They will also have a hold queue in case your issue is critical. You should get to real people.

After you've gotten to know some real people at your SEO reseller partner organization, you will be in a position to determine how it will feel to work with them. They are going to be your back-office team. How does that feel? Do they inspire confidence with their answers to your difficult SEO questions? They should. When things get difficult with an SEO plan you have resold, will they be the team you want behind you? Think this through a bit envisioning both the good times and the bad.

In the end, I feel it is fairly easy to define the critical qualities you want in an SEO reseller. As you form a partnership with this organization, you want straight-talking people you can trust. You want a product that is so good it is clear that your partner uses it themselves. You want easy access to a group of reliable people who will have your back when a client becomes unreasonable. And that's how you really shop for an SEO reseller program.