I think about SEO services every day because, well, that's what we do every day. But I also spend time about once a week to browse the other firms that rank on the term SEO services in Google. They are sort of like Semify's SERP neighbors. As I read those pages, it seems there are some striking differences.

Semify is really oriented toward the business that understands working with an SEO services firm is a long-term relationship. This stems from the idea that search engine optimization is a process, not an event. Many of the other sites I visit are oriented more toward the idea that you can pay a small sum of money and "do" search optimization in one afternoon.

Perhaps this model works for those with great discipline and organization. I suppose that if you use an extremely affordable SEO services firm for a point service like that, and then return every week to do the same, you could probably have some results. But we find that most companies are too busy with their core business activities to do that. Thus SEO outsourcing makes sense.

At the end of the day, the SEO services from Semify are probably very similar to those other sites when you get down the actual activities that we perform. But the fact that we use our proprietary SEO technology to ensure consistent application of these activities over long periods of time is perhaps what sets it apart. Additionally, I rarely see discussion of tracking your business results on those sites. They are more oriented toward transactions: "Give us $50 and we will submit you to 200 worthless directories." Finally, we're big into transparency. We take the position that SEO is NOT magic. And we believe you should be able to see everything your SEO does for you. Again, our technology was built on this principle.