Building a beautiful website that no one comes to has NO value! When you talk about SEO web design services, you want a company that is thinking about both of your website's audience-people and the search engines. Building an interactive engaging website that's going to get someone to pick up the phone, and at the same time communicate with the search engine that can index and understand what your site is about, is the name of the game. Watch this video to learn more about a tradition web design service versus an seo web design service like Semify's.


Hello and welcome to our SEO web design services video. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me.

Good afternoon, Chad. I guess the big secret about getting free traffic from Google via search engine optimization is out. And people, as they look to design their website, are thinking more and more about seo web design services upfront in the project, rather than as an afterthought to a website post-launch. So for our video blog today, let's talk about seo web design services, and what people should be thinking about to try to get the biggest bang for their buck as they head into their seo web design service project.

Great question. And it's funny, because I was just responding to somebody asking about, hey look, I built a website, I started an SEO program 30 days ago, and why are the phones not ringing off the hook? And it's just these things, if you don't start from the right place, you're not going to get the result you want. So let's talk about where to start.

There are two audiences to a website. There's the search engine, who is obviously coming and reading information and ideally they 're finding good stuff that when people search for whatever your keywords are, they choose to show in the rankings. And then of course there is probably the more important audience, which is your customer who's coming there, reading about your services, and it's ultimately going to pick up the phone.

So when you talk about SEO web design services, you want a company that can both, really, start from the beginning thinking about both of those audiences. How do we build an interactive engaging website that's going to get someone to want to pick up the phone, but at the same time is going to attract that other audience, the search engine who can index and understand what your site's about, so that it can bring you potential customers?

I guess that a traditional seo web design service probably took the position of that SEO stuff, that's for the SEO experts, and really saw as a very separate process. I would think more and more seo web design service companies are integrating the two together. Which means, though, they need to set your expectations.

Your example is a good one, Chad. People think that if they engage in SEO, boom there's going to be huge traffic all of a sudden. And that just isn't how it works. SEO takes six months, 12 months, years on some terms. So I guess that conversation is making the seo web design service process even that much more complicated because you're talking about the added complexity of SEO in addition to all the very complex design decisions you have to make to launch a website in the first place.

Right, and there's a very nuanced difference that some seo web design firms might give you for SEO versus an SEO web design service like ours, in terms of what SEO means. So, a lot of times a traditional web design firm is going to say your website is SEO optimized. Well really, what that means, and it's important, is that it's crawlable, right? That all the content on it isn't hidden behind a password or some other way that the search engines can't find it.

But whether that really means that it's actually going to bring traffic and get your results is really a totally separate engagement. And a lot of times, your traditional web design firm isn't going to say, look, what we're doing here is necessary but not really sufficient to actually get you the traffic that you're looking for. I think the difference between again, that traditional design firm and an SEO web design firm is that the SEO web design firm is going to take it the extra mile and say, we have to start here with the website making sure it is crawlable, but there's a whole other set of activities that you need to be thinking about in order to ultimately be successful.

That's an excellent distinction. So what you're saying is the crawlability, can the robots in Google find my site and index it? Which might have passed five years ago as being an SEO compliant site today really doesn't. Because what you're saying, Chad, is you need those promotion services which go far beyond just making your site discoverable. It's actually getting into how do you lobby and how do you promote, how do you syndicate, and how do you earn links back to your site so that it will really perform?

So if you're out looking for seo web design services, these are questions you should be asking. And I think our point here would be better sooner than later. Because to build a beautiful website the no one comes to has no business value. You should be thinking about the end goal of converting visitors into clients, and where those traffics sources will be right at the very beginning of your project.