Chad and I have been talking about our emerging specialty in lawyer internet marketing and have been thinking more specifically about SEO for lawyers. We did a quick search on the term SEO for lawyers, and found that most of the sites out there are just advertising blogs. There seemed to be one business that was dedicated to helping law firms build search engine optimization. But honestly, we expected more.

Legal affiliate marketing

So we've been thinking through what our SEO for lawyers offering would look like. Starting simple, we wondered if it really needed to be any different from the search engine optimization campaigns we run for our other corporate customers. As you know, we have many Fortune 100 clients on our books. Given our background, we are the right team for businesses that need serious SEO.

Additionally, our SEO technology has been extremely well received. It gives the business client the dashboard required to understand exactly what activities are being completed. Furthermore, it provide reports, charts and workflow summaries that are great tools for an internet presentation. Many of our clients work with us, but need to report back to a larger team of stakeholders inside their organization. The Semify system gives them all the tools they need to show their larger team the progress they are making online.

In summary, we think SEO for lawyers is a new offering we should undertake. We have all the tools, technology, and critical experience with legal firms to exceed expectations. If your law firm needs greater exposure online, we encourage you to call Semify so we can talk about our approach to SEO.