The secret is out about online marketing. Businesses know they need a website to make it in 2013 and that driving traffic TO the website, engaging this traffic and turning them into customers is a great way to propel a business to success. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking their web design company knows about generating traffic, search engine rankings and conversions...but a traditional web design company really doesn't. You'll have a much better time achieving online success if you're using an SEO web design company that has customer acquisition on their radar from the very beginning.


Hello and welcome to our SEO web design company video. I'm Chad Hill and I have Adam Stetzer here with me as well.

And good afternoon, Chad. The internet's everywhere and the secret about online marketing's certainly out. So everybody's trying to get as much traffic as they can from the internet, grow their business. And more and more those thoughts start right when you start to think about designing a website rather than as an afterthought.

So I want to talk in our video blog today about the difference between an SEO web design company versus maybe a traditional web design company and what are some pointers people should be thinking about if they're launching into a web design or a redesign to make sure SEO is baked in right up front to get as much traffic from the search engines as possible.

Yeah. Well, I think that the main difference there is that obviously the addition of the word SEO at a seo web design company because what that really says is that it's a company that is thinking from the very beginning that this isn't about just creating a beautiful website. Of course that's important, but it's also about setting it up and structuring it and thinking about what efforts are required to actually generate traffic to get leads for the company from search engines and maybe social media and other places as well.

And so, you know, really I'd say the main difference is you kind of have to start to listen to what that seo web design company is talking about and ask them questions in order to understand whether they have the strength in really delivering SEO services and traffic generation in addition to just plain web design. So put another way, the traditional web design company was perhaps singularly focused on making a beautiful website, maybe hyper-focused on brand and colors and that experience. And I think we would of course argue that's very important for conversion and overall user experience.

But what you're saying is SEO web design companies might be baking in some concepts earlier on in the development cycles that are really important for promoting the website. And to me, that reflects this idea that a beautiful website that nobody comes to is sort of like a tree falling in the woods-- does it make any noise, right? You need to have traffic because why else do you have a website? Right. And so let's talk about a couple of the things that are the, you know, the key factors that you're going to want to make sure are in an SEO web design companies portfolio like a Semify approach. One is that from the very beginning you talk about tracking and whether that tracking is Google Analytics to track who and where people come from to get to your web site and then what they do on your website once they get there. That's important.

You also want to think about phone tracking. So can you put a phone number on the website that changes based on where someone's coming from so that you can track how many phone calls you get from search engines versus other advertising you're doing.

And so really, you know, starting there is critical. And then from there you really want to be looking for signs that the seo web design company is thinking about the key word and demand, what people are searching for and looking for, so that when you think about the content you create, that it's useful and that it actually is going to bring people to your website who then get a chance to look at what else you do and maybe pick up the phone and call you.

And I think the final thing that, you know, the third part of really differentiating an SEO web design company from, you know, just a traditional web design company is what kind of ongoing marketing services do they do to help promote your website, built content, relevant content after the website launched.

Because if their whole business model is based on getting you to launch and then sort of saying, field of dreams, you know, if you build it, they will come, that's a sign that you're dealing with sort of a more traditional web design company if really the starting point is the web design launch or the website launch, but then there's a whole bunch of activities afterwards. That's when you know you're working with a seo web design company that's really thinking about how are we going to make this drive business for your company.

And I guess you're arguing that it's more efficient if the two functions, the web design build and the SEO promotion are in the same seo web design company. I would imagine it's certainly possible to have them be separate groups. But as with most projects, things are more efficient when they're done together and when the end objective is understood by the whole team.

So it's not that you can't do it. But I think you're saying you'll probably just have a much better time achieving traffic, search engine rankings, conversions from your website if you're using an SEO web design company that has that goal in mind from the very, very beginning.