This month we are proud to announce a completely new and improved SERP tracker and keyword discovery tool. We’ve launched four new features:

Analytics and Adwords Search Volume Integration – now you can see the last 30 days of traffic from Google Analytics and the estimated monthly search volume. This allows you to accelerate decision making about target keywords and keywords of interest.

New and improved search ranking graphs – you can get a glimpse of the last 90 days of search rankings without clicking on a graph.

Suggested Keywords – we mine all of your keywords from Google Analytics and search for keywords that are not Targeted Keywords or Keywords of Interest. We check the ranking of those keywords and place them in your SERP tracker. We’ve added one-click actions to move those keywords from the Suggested Keywords list to either the Target Keywords or Keywords of Interest.

Grouping keywords on the Home tab – now we code all top keywords as either branded keywords or target keywords. This helps you and your clients quickly find new keywords that you may want to target.

These new features in addition to the non-branded organic keyword traffic features that we launched last month give you and your clients a new level of control and reporting on your SEO campaigns. It has dramatically improved the ability to connect improvement in rankings to business results.