We canceled our Salesforce.com license earlier this year. We liked the idea of it but found it way too complicated for small agency sales. We evaluated some other options but realized that since we run all of our projects through our own proprietary task and workflow tool that we would be better off building a CRM specific to the needs of an SEO business. That was back in April.

Today we are happy to announce that the features we have built for ourselves are now available to any reseller that works with us. You'll be able to build and manage your search engine marketing sales funnel within Semify. This is especially useful when you are working with Semify to fulfill your SEO programs. You'll be able to easily transition your won opportunities into in progress projects. See the use case below:

1. Enter the account information for your lead.

Add a New Lead

2. Next, use the Sales tab to view all of your leads / opportunities by stage. We settled on the following categories: Lead, Demo, Proposal, Negotiate/Review, Closed-Won. This allows you to sort through the various leads you are talking.

View all open leads, opportunities and clients

3. For each open opportunities you can click on the tasks link to see a list of open and complete tasks. When you open a task, you can see a full task history with all notes. If you are running an office with more than one salesperson, the notes tasks helps everyone stay on the same page.

Task Review Screen

For a more extensive review of our CRM tools for SEO resellers, please contact us for a demo.