Can you think of a reason to run a website if you never get any visitors? Anybody who is successful making money with a website will tell you... if you have no traffic, you are not going to make much money with your site. And while there are plenty of methods out there that will help increase your traffic, the best is search engine optimization. Because the traffic that you receive from search engines like Google is some of the most targeted, profitable traffic there is, potentially.

Search engine optimization is done in a variety of ways, including on page and off page. And while there are some very important off page techniques you should use, on page aspects of search engine optimization are the most important. Though an SEO service can really help with your search engine optimization, there are some on page improvements you can make on your own to improve your search engine rankings.

The first on page search engine optimization method is keyword research. Many website owners build their sites without doing deep keyword research for each page and topic. And though it is possible for them to get traffic from "long tail" keywords, not focusing their content on profitable keywords makes it difficult for them to make, well... a profit. If you take the time to research the best keywords for each page you create for your site (which would be the keywords with the largest volume of demand and the lowest number of competing sites), getting good rankings for a few valuable keywords will be fairly simple. Which will make your search engine optimization efforts that much more effective.

The next search engine optimization technique is, of course, using great content. After you have researched keywords to tell you what topics people search for, creating that content is the next step in your search engine optimization efforts. If you provide the best content on that keyword on the net, and plenty of it, you can almost get by without worrying about search engine optimization. You will get links and visitors naturally.

For every page you create for your website, there are several simple SEO methods that often tend to go "under the radar" for most webmasters... they simply do not think to use them. One of the most important for search engine optimization is the title and meta tag. Most essential is the title tag, which is found at the top of the HTML page and at the top of a visitor's browser window. It tells search engines what your page is about. Using your keyword in the title tag is essential; and it is also very important to use it in the meta tag. Your meta tag gives search engines and visitors a more in depth idea of what you page is about. Too many webmasters do not bother with optimizing title and meta tags... something which, to put it mildly, does not help your site's search engine optimization.