I see from the analytic reports that people are coming to our site looking for generic information on search engine optimization. This made me think a bit about what exactly they are looking for, and how to best direct them. Of course, our entire site is essentially about search engine optimization and pay-per-click strategies. But that's a fairly big topic. They are probably coming with some specific question. If not, and they are just browsing for a historical perspective, I have that entry here titled Where did search engine optimization come from?.

Perhaps they are wondering about the basic blocking and tackling involved in SEO web design. Certainly, anyone trying to get significant traction in organic search these days needs to consider search engine optimization while designing and building their web site. I find it's easier to do this right the first time then to have to come back with frustrating re-work later. If you want a full review, read my entry on the on-site and off-site approaches. Others I see are searching for information on white hat SEO. I even saw one Google search saying "I need to become white hat seo." That one scared me a bit. Not sure what brand of search engine optimization that surfer has been practicing, but I'm sure we could reform him.

Chad tends to write more for the corporate crowd on topics such as Online marketing for executives and SEO for franchise organizations. Given his background, he is uniquely qualified to tackle both topics with ease. He brings years of search engine optimization and marketing insight to the discussion.

Recently I've been talking about SEO campaign management for fortune 100 companies. There are many creative ideas out here in the search engine optimization community that have not yet penetrated the walls of corporate America. But they will, and fast. Particularly in difficult economic times, it seems to me that search engine optimization is a less expensive way to bring customers to your web site than pay-per-click. Don't tell Google.

Finally, it is our hope that some of these searchers are from other businesses that need SEO reseller plans to help expand their profits by bringing value-added services to their existing client base. Again, as times are hard, this is a great way to leverage the work that has already been put in building a customer list. Bringing talented teams to assist your clients will increase retention as your clients will appreciate you for it.