We try to stay up on the competition and periodically look at other search engine optimization companies to compare offerings. One thing that consistently surprises us is that many companies specialize in SEO or paid search. In our view, you need to do both together. You simply get the strongest results when your paid and organic efforts are merged. For example, paid search campaigns get instant results. You can use this intelligence to guide your longer term search engine optimization efforts. Since SEO takes longer, it's important that you've tested your ideas first.

At any rate, as we've looked for other search engine optimization companies, we've found eBrandz. They are an India-based firm with offices in the US. From what we can tell, eBrandz is doing large scale SEO work in India. They have a ton of packages with the usual SEO stuff. We couldn't tell how much access they give you their work flow. One of the things we pride ourselves on at Semify is just how transparent we are with our clients. Given the misunderstandings, confusion and fear that exists with SEO, we think it's important to show clients exactly what you are doing. We've built our platform with this in mind and the feedback is that it is unparalleled in the industry. We didn't see anything from eBrandz that was at all similar.

So as you are searching for search engine optimization companies, we urge you to consider us along with eBrandz and whoever else you might find our there. Whether you go with eBrandz or us, just be sure the company you select is well researched. The Semify founders have over 15 years of IT experience with Fortune 100 clients. Our software manages both SEO and paid search campaigns. Consulting is available for expert SEO advice if you don't know how to get started. For the budget conscious, start with a free trial and test drive our platform as you start building your Internet marketing campaign.