In today's environment, choosing the right SEO reseller program is extremely important. Cheapest is certainly not always best, especially with Google making frequent updates and striking website owners with penalties. Content Marketing is becoming more and more important in the world of SEO, both because it works and because Google approves of its end-user orientation. You also want an SEO reseller program that can show you RESULTS and that is there to consult you on client issues. SEO success can take time and you should choose an SEO reseller program that comes with a team of dedicated people who understand your business and your clients and are going to invest the time to help you build long term working relationships. Watch the video below to listen to a 5 minute lightning quick chat between Semify execs about choosing an SEO Reseller in today's world.


Hello and welcome to our selecting an SEO reseller video. I'm Chad Hill and I have Adam Setzer with me as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. I've written this blog post so many times. And I'm excited we're talking about it. How do you select an SEO reseller? I know exactly the questions I would ask. Sounds like you've got a few customer calls recently inquiring about this. What's some of the stuff on your mind?

Yeah, I think the thing that I always talk about are hitting in the right price, the right effectiveness, and the right quality of what you need in order to get results. And so I think everyone always gravitates to, well, I want the cheapest option. Well, cheapest isn't always best. And especially in today's environment, where with Panda and Penguin out there, we really believe that the best way, when you're picking a SEO reseller, is to pick someone who is using right tactics in the market today to get success, not only from SEO standpoint but just general online marketing strategy. And one of the best ways to do that today is content marketing. You've invested a lot-- Go ahead, Adam.

We know that is good. And that's one of the things we love about this industry is because the results are so measurable, right? When you're trying to improve your rankings and trying to improve your reach through search marketing, you can measure visits, you can measure your rankings, you can measure conversions. These things are all very tangible, unlike when you're working in your brand or some other softer PR type things. I think the thing we both were intrigued about, the space, the SEO reseller space, when we started the business, was it's all very quantitative.

So, the thing that I like about what you said is the results are there. And it should very transparent. And it should be out in front. And if things are not working, everyone should know it's not working and should be discussing why. And I think nested in that is expectation setting, to know when should it be working and how long do things take.

And these are all the things I would want to hear when I was interviewing an SEO reseller. Do they sound pretty rational and understanding that SEO's a long term investment, but it has fantastic rewards, but they don't come in the first or second or third month? I would want to work with a team that understood those dynamics and were going to help me find the right words to consult with my clients, to set expectations and really build the foundation in a long term working consultant relationship with them that's going to bring that business a lot of leads eventually.

So Adam, one of the questions that we've heard today in a call that we were listening to was, we decided that our client's unhappy that they're not getting any more traffic through our website. But we're only writing new content on the website. We're staying away from links altogether. We're staying away from trying to earn new links 100%. Can people do that today and be effective?

I don't think so. Any team you talk to you should be quoting the thought leaders in this space. And for us, we look to SEOmoz. So they should be telling you that your rankings are 30% the result on-site SEO and 70% the result of off-site. Again, that's not Semify view. We're pulling that right from the SEOmoz survey results. And that's not even theirs. They survey that 300 leading SEO consultants every other year and consistently come up with that finding.

So I think any practice you work with needs to be grounded in that science and needs to have their execution built around that. So that means you need excellent on-site SEO. That 30 percent is required. You can't have a horrible site and expect great rankings. But you also can't throw out the 70%. So that's why I feel our program is particularly strong. Because we're grounded in science and then we execute around that.

We do very solid on-site work, do competitive keyword analysis. We plug the holes where there needs to be SEO landing pages and content that's really useful. We talk about conversion and engagement and really presenting something of value. But then we're not blind to the fact is 70% of your rankings come from off-site, which is the buzz, the back-links, the mentions, the pluses. And all this has to work together pretty seamlessly to get those rankings above the fold.

Great, great answer.

There will be those times where you have an unhappy end-client. And so, really, that's where you really understand how committed we are to the partnership. Because I think we go above and beyond in trying to help manage those tough times and giving you the information you need to go back to the client, address issues if there is a mistake, fixing the mistake. But that's really, I think, when you understand, are you working with a partner for the long haul, or someone who's really just has a short term view on it?

Right. And that's near and dear to my heart, having built partnerships and outsourced with big, big companies like General Electric and Chevron and Coca Cola. I learned very quickly, and anyone has been around the business block learns, that all partnerships have issues. Things are not great all the time and that expectation is just wrong.

So you don't want things to be bad all the time either. But what you want to find is a partner that's going to work with you, that's going to be honest, that's going to be responsive. And then when things do go sour, they're going to face into that and fix it to the best of their ability because that's really a realistic expectation. And I see that happening on the floor here with our partners every day. It makes me feel very good about our business.

Great. Well, I hope this helped people watching this understand a little bit about how to take an SEO reseller and some of the things that Semify's doing to make this an easy process for all our partners.